Lifehack Articles

Collected here are columns written for the, a website dedicated to efficiency and advice in every setting. You can either click the below links and you will be direct to the original article or hover over “Lifehack articles” and select them by clicking the title.

15 Items You Need To Have In Your Office Pantry: An Article Consisting of Food Products That Will Be Useful to Keep in Your Office Pantry and Why

-10 Signs of a Productive Office: A List of Tips on How to Determine Whether an Office is Particularly Productive

-The Best Craft Beers from Each State in the USA: An Alphabetical List of The Best Craft Beers From Each State and a Little About the Beer Itself

-30 Inspiring Books You Have To Read: A List-Based Article of the 30 Most Inspiring Books I’ve Read, With Quotes From Each

 -10 Most Energy Efficient Countries: A Fact-Based List of Which Countries Are Doing Well in Energy Consumption

5 Phrases An Ambitious Person Will Never Say: Thoughts On How Successful People Motivate Themselves To Succeed

-10 Signs You Are Probably An Ambivert: Signs That You Are Neither an Introvert Nor An Extrovert, But An Ambivert

-14 Things You Miss When Constantly Staring at Your Smartphone: Just As It Says, What Happens Around You When You Are Enthralled by That Tiny Screen

-25 Fictional Books That Will Change Your Outlook: A Collection Of Life-Changing Books Everyone Should Read

-8 Admired Works That Were Disliked By Their Own Authors: A Collection of Works That Their Creators Hated Either Intrinsically Or After The Fact

– 5 Evening Habits of Successful People: The Nightly Habits Of Five Successful People Are Detailed

-10 Best Activities To Do With Introverts: A List of Activities That Introverts Truly Enjoy

-15 Valuable Business Books That Can Bolster Your Skillset: Who Needs an MBA When You Can Just Power Through These Tomes

-7 Kinds of Toxic Bosses You Need to Avoid: These Office Leaders Are Not Leaders At All. Identify In Order to Avoid

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