Chelsea Krost Articles

Columns written for the blog of Millennial Expert Chelsea Krost are collected here. You can either click the below links and you will be direct to the original article or hover over “Chelsea Krost Articles” and select them by clicking the title.

Top 5 Self-Care Techniques to Embrace- An Article on Five Activities Millennials Can Engage In That Will Relieve Stress

A Quick Election Cheat Sheet– An Article Concerning the Details of the Upcoming Mid-Term Election and Published in Conjunction with Chelsea’s #MillennialTalk concerning Civic Engagement

Five Searching Tips for Your ‘Live Alone’ Apartment- A Column Containing Five Tips on How to Secure the Best Apartment in a Major City

Layman’s Advice for Dealing With Professional Conflicts– A Column Giving Advice for How to Recognize, Approach, and Defuse An Office Conflict

One Military Tool for Success and Happiness– A Column With Instructions on How to Define Success and Happiness, As Based on Advice From a Coast Guard Captain

I Am Jake Cashman’s Self Actualization– An Ethereal Article Concerning Maslow’s Hierarchy, the Millennial Generation, and the Challenges Different Faced By Different Generations

6 Tips for Turning a College ‘Bro’ Into an Office Gentleman:- A Set of Advice for Young Male Professionals on How to Transition From A College Environment into a Proper Office Setting


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