Academic Publications

Jacob has the following academic publications:

  • Cashman, J. “National Economic Conditions and Political Violence: A Cross-National Study of the Indicators of Revolution.” Proceedings, Spring 2012, Presented at 20th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at Purdue University-Calumet, March 31st, 2012
    • Abstract: The author sets out to find a positive relationship between high degrees of economic inequality and the occurrence of political violence. It is hypothesized when economic inequality is high, political violence intensifies. No relationship between economic inequality and political violence is found. Instead, a direct relationship between political violence and economic state of each individual in a nation is developed, and, when this relationship is tested while controlling for inequality, a relationship concerning the original hypothesis emerges. The results are discussed here. Also the merits of relative deprivation theory are applied. Relative deprivation is the idea that when people have at least a small amount, and it disappears in some way that the people will be upset over this. A variable for relative deprivation is devised, and a tangentially related theory arises. It is found that when state’s capacity grows, the level of political violence rises, possibly due to an increased national ability to suppress revolution through wide-scale  violence. The merits of this discussion are presented here.

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