Job Hunt Post 2: Let Them

So, on Facebook, I’ve taken to posting the song “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba every time I get a significant interview. A ’90s pop-rock anomaly, the lyrics of the song of course are a simple, gibberish repetition of “I get knocked/but I get up again/You’re never gonna keep me down.” I do so to signal positive job […]

Job Hunt Post 1: Something Brewing

Hey there! Welcome! You may have noticed I cleaned up around here. Thanks for noticing! Yes, I’ve tidied up and reorganized For years my blog posts were built by trying to tie together the most recent news crisis, my most recent stressor, and whatever I was reading at the moment. Sometimes, it connected my […]

Salvageable Beauty

The place I am from was one in which a large amount of the police, firefighters, and city workers settled with their families because it was possible there to have a backyard while adhering to the requirement of living within the city limits if the City of Chicago signed your paychecks. It was a strongly […]

Find Your Child

Last night I had another dream. It wasn’t a bad one. I was young. Just a boy. No one had hurt me yet. A plane was dropping flyers announcing an upcoming Jack Veneno match, and all of us kids in Villa Juana were racing about in great excitement, gathering the flyers in our arms. I […]

Running as a Business

Disclaimer: I wrote the below post for a freelance project to compare preparation for race-running to digital marketing best practices. I ghost-wrote for a gentleman who competed in an IronMan Race, and he requested an overall rewrite. I thought I could repurpose the original version here, as it is pretty good.  Last year, I competed […]

Washington, DC– A Re-Run

Note: This post is a reprint. It previously appeared originally in a blog I had while interning with the Washington Internship Institute in August 2011, as well as in a September 7th, 2011 issue of The Xavierite, Saint Xavier University’s school newspaper. Enjoy reading! Six months ago when I first came to DC, it was old, icy […]